How to Increase Energy Levels – The Healthy Way

Exercise and Health

From lemon juice to better sleep, there are many ways to increase energy levels. These are my favorite:

Replace your morning coffee with lemon water

If coffee is the first thing you drink after waking up, try downing a glass of water with a squeeze of lemon juice instead. You can have your first coffee a few minutes later. I was recommended this from a friend. He said that the lemon juice gave him more energy than his usual morning coffee. He now uses it instead of coffee in the morning.

Your body relies on sleep hormones like melatonin to make you sleep. When you wake up, it needs to clear out those hormones and replace them with ones that are responsible for wakefulness (like ghrelin). It takes a while for your body to do this, hence taking time to be fully awake even after the alarm has…

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